Welcome on GT IMIA webpage

GT IMIA is a joint working group of the French research groupings GdR-IA and GdR-IM that serve as community hubs for the French artificial intelligence and theoretical computer science communities, respectively.


The general aim of GT IMIA is to foster communication and stronger links between artificial intelligence and theory where we interpret both fields broadly. Such links are already in place on the international level in some communities, for example the constraint programming and SAT communities whose flagship conferences traditionally feature both applied and theoretical work. One aim of this working group is to represent these existing links also on the national level.

Beyond this, we also aim to foster links on a larger scope in areas where no such traditional links exist. To this end, we will expose the theory community to recent trends from artificial intelligence and vice versa. By doing so, we hope to give both communities valuable outside perspectives. We feel that this is beneficial for the theory and the artificial intelligence community. On the one hand, theoretical insights and techniques have often played an important role in artificial intelligence. On the other hand, artificial intelligence often provides interesting theoretical questions.


The main activity of GT IMIA is the yearly meeting of the group that will take place at a different location each year. Beyond this, we are also open to organizing workshops co-located with conferences when those take place in France and the topic falls within the community interest. We also maintain a community mailing list to disseminate relevant information.

Generally, since the aim of GT IMIA is to serve the community, it ultimately depends on its input. Consequently, we are always open for suggestions, topics and ideas on how to improve the work of our group.


Membership is open to all members of the artificial intelligence and theoretical computer science communities in France interpreted broadly. To become a member, simply contact the organizers.